Awesome Newborn Hair! Long Island – NYC – Professional Newborn Photographer

I simply melted when mom walked into my newborn studio. I took one look at her gorgeous new baby and was taken back eleven years to when my first child was born – also with dark hair that stood strait up above an inch above his head. None of my following children had that, as a matter of fact, a majority of the rest of my babies were simply bold & remained that way for a fairly long time 🙂

So yes, seeing baby made me happy. And her older siblings where a treat too! Big sister was a dream, doting over her new addition while spinning around in a gown and feeling like a princess. Big brother was just a happy go lucky type of dude who was happy when his “job” at modeling for me was over.

Such a pleasure photographing this cute little bunch! – Just take a quick peak at the photos & I’m sure you’ll understand why!



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