Cute Baby Boy – Great Neck LI Newborn Pictures

I’m so glad mom was referred to me when she was looking in Great Neck LI for Newborn Photography.

I love that it was a beautiful day out and we had the opportunity to shoot both studio styled indoor setups with props
and some garden shots outdoors in the backyard!
This Mom was simply amazing! She had so much energy that you would never know she just had a baby if you met her.
I have to give it to Dad too! One of the most relaxed Dads ever.
I love capturing the pure sweetness of newborn babies and the instant love Mom & Dad have for their new little one.
These doting new parents didn’t let me down. They scored some of my favorite parent-baby photos ever!

Lucky little baby to have an awesome set of parents who adore him so much!
(and lucky guy to have parents get him a portrait session to capture this precious time in his life!)

Newborn Baby with parents, mom and dad photos
Great Neck LI Newborn Pictures
Great Neck LI Newborn Pictures
Great Neck LI Newborn Pictures
This blanket was hand knit by baby’s great grandma & I’m so glad we were able to incorporate it in the photo shoot.
Great Neck LI Newborn Pictures
Great Neck LI Newborn Pictures

Are you looking to schedule a newborn photo session near Great Neck, Long Island?
Don’t wait until baby is born! It’s never too early to schedule and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to preserve those fleeting moments by creating beautiful wall art or keepsake albums that will be cherished for a lifetime!
Newborn photo sessions ideally take place when baby is between 5 and 10 days old (max 14 days old) as they become more alert as they grow – which is faster than you can imagine!
Click here to view our Newborn Photo Gallery
and to find out more information about scheduling your newborn’s custom photo-shoot.

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