First Studio Newborn Photo Session

I love newborns! I love cuddling them, holding them, looking at them & of course photographing them! The fine little details, the fingers, the toes, the back-rolls are all so precious. They seriously melt my heart every single time. Each new baby I meet gives me feelings of awe and amazement. I take pride when parents entrust me to capture their little miracles first days.

I am so happy to have finally moved into my new store-front photo studio in Great Neck, Long Island and to have held the first Studio Newborn Photo Session! This will give me more availability and enable me to schedule more newborn sessions. My studio is next door to a Nail Salon, Hair Salon and in a shopping complex with a Pizza Store, so Mom and Dad can even feel comfortable taking a little stroll if they want. The best part is that there is no pressure for new parents to prep their home for the ideal newborn photo settings (like making the house really hot!). They can walk in, & we are ready to start!

The first baby photo-shoot was so much fun! Mom and Dad came along with the new BIG proud big brother (who I photographed 3 years ago as well <3 ) Everything was ready and prepared and my abundance of props were all available for use. I saved all my energy for the actual session instead of packing, unpacking & setting up that I had to do in the past for in home sessions. So, without further ado, here are a few of my favorite photos from the first newborn session in the studio: Baby Art Photos
Newborn in prop
newborn sibling photographer
Artistic Newborn Photographer
Dreamy Baby Girl Photography
first newborn in  the studio
Long Island Newborn Studio
Beautiful Baby Girls Picture
Brother and Newborn Sister
Brother and Newborn Sister

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Are you looking to schedule a newborn photo session near Great Neck, Long Island?
Don’t wait until baby is born! It’s never too early to schedule and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to preserve those fleeting moments by creating beautiful wall art or keepsake albums that will be cherished for a lifetime!
Newborn photo sessions ideally take place when baby is between 5 and 10 days old (max 14 days old) as they become more alert as they grow – which is faster than you can imagine!
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