Girls & Boys- Long Island Kids Photographer

So, I’m sharing pictures of my kids again 🙂
Would you expect anything else of a Long Island Kids Photographer?

I bought these outfits for my kids while the weather was still freezing cold,
planning to have something ready to wear as soon as the weather warmed up & cooperated for a photo shoot.
The day came on the first official day of summer. My girls had the day off & it was nice & sunny out!
I packed them into the car and headed out.
As a Long Island Kids Photographer, I’d say these were a succes 🙂 I was pretty happy with how the photos turned out.
toddler sisters Long Island Photographer

Long Island Kids Photographer

Later in the afternoon, when the boys got out of school, we headed out once more.
This time the destination was Central Park, NYC. What a lovely location for photos.

The only problem is that my nine year old son is already displaying clear sign of PCS: Photographer’s Child Syndrome.
These will have to make do as his portraits of the year. Oh, well.

Boys Long Island child pictures

I realized that if we actually wanted to enjoy the evening, I’d need to cut a quick deal.
The kids were rolling their eyes at my camera already, so I told them:”please let me get one good photo of you all together & I promise to put the camera away!”
It worked! I know they aren’t all focused on the camera, but it still makes me happy!
My middle daughter was the only one into the whole “pictures thing”. She asked my to photograph her with “my baby”.

siblings long island photography

And once I’m at it sharing personal photos, I figured I’ll throw in a few more of my 18 month old that I took a few days prior.
She already started the habit of saying “See it!, See it!” before I get a chance to even click the shutter.

Baby photographer Long Island

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