The Fun and Easy Solution to Print All Your Photos! (Blurb promo code)

Ok, so the year is over. (Promo code at end of post)
You have loads of unprinted pictures, because there was nothing holding you back from taking them.
You’ve got a digital camera, or just took photos with your phone’s camera.
You didn’t need to stock up on film or run to the store to develop those prints, so you were just snap happy.


But now you’ve got a problem… there are hundreds or thousands of photos sitting on your computer’s hard drive.
Going through them to chose what to print is a daunting task…
and then the additional thought of having to take those photos and start sliding them into the album just puts the whole idea of actually printing your photos go back on the shelf.

It doesn’t have to be that way! You can easily make a family yearbook and print those photos in a photo-book.
I recently started a new “tradition” of printing a family yearbook album.
All my photos get included, both from my camera & those snapshots I take on my phone too.
I just drag and drop my photos directly into pre-made template layouts.


My family loves it! The kids can sit on the couch for hours and enjoy flipping through the pages and remembering all the fun and joyous occasions.

Our memories will last, they wont be lost on a computer or external hard drive any longer.


I personally use Blurb to make my photobook.

They have a variety of lovely, convenient options to make their books including plugins for photo developing programs like Adobe Lightroom, Adobe InDesign and their own standalone free book-maker software called Blurb BookSmart.

They also have additional tools to make PDF books to share with your family & mobile versions as well.
Once your book is created, you can share it with Grandma & Grandpa online & they have the option to purchase their copy as well!

The quality is beautiful! The paper & binding is great & I’m now ready to start preparing my 2013 Family Album.
They have a nice variety of templates that you can easily drag & drop your photos into.
Choose a page with lots of photo boxes to showcase lot’s of expressions from the same scenario or just enlarge one photo on a page to feature it.

And since I’m so happy with my 12×12,
over 200 pages Blurb photobooks,
I’m happy to share a discount of
$20 OFF your Blurb book!

Click here to get a $20 discount off
of your first Blurb Book!

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